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Hi, I'm Blessie

I wear a lot of hats.

In my own words though, I'm a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. AKA,

The Entertainment-preneur!


Growing up, Blessie was always fascinated with Entertainment - Music, Dance, anything Creative. 


“I was that kid who would wait every year to record all the music award shows on VHS. I would watch them on repeat, mimicking every dance move and singing every note from the performances of my favourite artists.” 


As a filipino in Australia, by default, Blessie  became accustomed to performing for local community events regularly. It was the humble foundation where she was able to nurture her abilities, natural talent and grow confidence.


However, coming of age, she set aside any musical or artistry hopes and traded it for something practical - like a Business degree and a corporate job.


“I came back to it in the end, circling back to what I love the most - Music, Performing, Events & Coaching. This is why representation is so important to me. This is why lifting up and educating others is also something very close to my heart. I never saw anyone in the public eye that came from my walk of life. So, although I yearned for a career in entertainment, I never believed it would be possible… for me. Thankfully, I persevered and found my own definition of success with all that I get to do! What a disservice it is to the world, if we hold ourselves back from who we are truly meant to be and not allow ourselves to shine at full wattage.”


In her journey of becoming and strengthening identity, Blessie became captivated by Self-Development - "to better my state of mind and my situations". And naturally, helped countless others in the process as well. 


As an Entertainer, Blessie continues to dazzle audiences providing live music for venues, weddings and events, always accommodating just the right vibe to create the perfect atmosphere. 


A veteran in Marketing, Managing Events and Touring, it's no wonder she has been able to consult, advise and execute solutions to help  Businesses, Event Companies and Creatives towards their strategic goals.         


And now, as a Coach, she’s made it her mission to guide and show musicians, entertainers and creative entrepreneurs what is possible. To empower the next generation of creatives to uncover their purpose with healing, self-belief, confidence, business know-how and a little elbow grease!

Thanks for popping by. 

Stay, hang out... There’s more to explore!

“Being around music, dance and events at any capacity would truly light up something in my soul. To be in service of something that spreads more light, wonder and healing into the world fed me with purpose. And I think it always will.”

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